I Haven’t Officially Met You, But…

NOTE: This was first published online on my now defunct Tumblr account, iamthesecondgirl. Cheers! 🙂


I haven’t met you, but I’m looking forward to seeing you. If we had already met – if we’re actually friends, had seen each other on the train, or had bumped into each other somewhere – forgive me if I’m not able to feel that special thing that signifies that you are the one for me. I may have not been ready at that time, and I wouldn’t want you to meet me back then myself.

I haven’t met you, but I’m glad it’s that way at this moment. If we both had earlier realized that we were meant to be, we both wouldn’t be where we would be when we finally do. Somehow, we would have missed out on a lot of things that we should do or see or experience before finally meeting each other; things that I pray would change us both positively. You see, as of now, I’m still a huge work in progress. I’m sure that I’m still en route and changing into the best girl God wants me to be for you. With His grace, I’m changing, and I’m getting ready for you. I don’t want you to get the girl you can just settle for, I want you to get the girl you would love to settle with.

I haven’t met you, but I know you’re out there. God only knows who you are, how we’ll meet (or how we met), and how we’ll realize what role we would both play in each of our lives. I know out of billions of guys, you’re just there, changing, being you, and taking a step closer to me everyday. I can only wait in excitement and enthusiasm while traipsing the Earth, taking photos, listening to music, growing in faith, and living this borrowed life.

I haven’t met you, but I’m praying for you. I pray that you would know it was me – your other half – and that we would both feel it without really knowing that we are seeing the rest of our lives encapsulated in one person. I pray that you would love me as the person I am, including my quirks and flaws, as we are all imperfect in our own ways. I pray that you would share the love of God in your heart even more than me. I pray that when we meet, we can both serve Him with all our hearts, and grow together in Him. And I pray that when we grow old and see ourselves sitting in the garden, looking at our grandchildren, we would both rejoice in how incredible God has made out of our relationship.

I haven’t met you, but I hope you wait for me. I hope you won’t get tired and settle for second best. Know that I’m doing my best to get ready for you, and that when that time comes, I will accidentally and unknowingly know where to find you in order for you to find me.

My heart is excited to meet you and be with you. In the meantime, as we both wait for that appointed time, know this to be true:

I haven’t met you, but I already love you. You are the reason I have guarded my heart for the longest time, and the reason why I never regret it.

Take care of yourself, my best. See you soon.

With all the love between heaven and earth,
The Second Girl

photo credit: Israel Sundseth at unsplash.com


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